The Armory was used and at times the Bohemian Hall was rented. In January 1936, the post began meeting in the Knights of Columbus Hall. In June of 1943, the post established clubrooms above the Ben Franklin Store. The present home and clubrooms were occupied in May 1950. VFW Post 4324 of Wahpeton became a partner in ownership and operation of the building under the name of the Veterans (VET’S) Club on Aug. 16, 1962.

We received your order and a notary will be out to see you at your scheduled appointment date/time. We appreciate your business and look forward to assisting you. Congratulations you qualified for our 20% OFF special promo discount! Dusk was falling upon Main Street and the music was beginning to rise up out of the Music Box. Even5 had taken the stage and was prepared to rock out the rest of the night to bring this community Fall Festival to a close. Music was great and the program full of diversity with notes and tunes for all. The Park Board ladies took this opportunity to dedicate the new playground they worked so diligently over the past 3 years to make a reality, with awesome support from the community. Seeing all the smiling faces and taking a quick off the cuff survey of the end-users, I would say the Park Board knocked this one “outta the park”. While folks were enjoying their lunch, a bevy of Classic Cars appeared on Main Street with the sounds of Golden Oldies music filling the air and generating energy and anticipation for more. Dave Wangen made arrangements for the car owners to pay Anamoose a visit and show off their prize cars.

Service Beyond The Post

In addition, a 20″x 10″grass/leaves compost site was built on the north end of Anamoose to encourage residents to use, rather than making weekly trips to the land dump west of town. The Anamoose Job Development Authority , an economic development organization, was activated again and meets monthly. They have a Revolving Loan Grant from USDA of $99,500 to give in low interest loans to parties who are interested in starting a business or expanding an existing business. The Arthur Company expanded their business by building a new Agronomy Center on Highway 52 east of Anamoose. Read GRAND OPENING OF ANAMOOSE AGRONOMY CENTER for an article on the open house held on September 7, 2014. They also added a 285,000 bushel bin in Anamoose in the summer of 2015. Julie and Mirek emphisize that everything is fresh and made from scratch. They check what they have available and use ingredients they have on hand for their menu for the day. The Farmtastic Food Hub celebrated their first anniversary in March. In April, 2019, Mirec and Julia Petrovic started an International Buffet every Thursday evening from 4-7pm.
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Roster Of Post 7 Commanders

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The Williston American Legion Auxiliary had its beginning in 1919 when the Legion’s first national convention November in Minneapolis passed an act establishing a women’s Auxiliary. The following spring the Williston Legion invited women to meet in the Odd Fellows hall for the purpose of organizing a Williston Auxiliary. National Legion Commander Milo J. Warner of Cleveland, Ohio and North Dakota Governor John Moses were Title Loans Maddock North Dakota the principal speakers in 1941. The raging conflict in Europe created a war motif to the convention, including the appearance of a Forty et Eight boxcar equipped with an anti-aircraft gun. In 1933, National Legion Commander Louis A. Johnson flew to Williston to deliver his message to the department convention. The two-mile long convention parade featured 30 floats, including the appearance of the French War Brides.

The City Council adopted ordinances related to keeping yards mowed, trimmed, and free of junk. It also monitors the applications of these ordinances; and, provides a large dumpster for items that can’t be picked up during regular garbage pickup. This is part of the Spring Clean-up Week sponsored by the City every May, as well as a Saturday during clean-up week to pick up dead appliances and other metal objects as a service to the town residents. The council also paid for hanging baskets and large pots of flowers every summer; the Civic Club assisting with this expense. Previously, a committee looking to clean up Main Street for the 2011 school reunion discovered the bank building was for sale. Twelve individuals pooled resources to buy it and obtained a grant and large donation to replace the roof. The owners held Christmas home tours and pinochle tournaments, sold concessions at Market in the Park, put on a community theater production and held other fundraisers for the building. He was buried at the St. Jerome Catholic Cemetery at Fort Totten. In 1993, Post 299 secured a World War II Duster tank and restored it.

During the 1965 convention, servicemen of the Vietnam Conflict, as well as doughboys of World War I, were present to receive praise for their work for veterans from National Commander Donald E. Johnson. Upon receiving a favorable reply to his letter and a charter application, Jackson set up a meeting of veterans on August 12 in the Williston Armory. In early 1919, when most WW I veterans had returned home, the news went out that a North Dakota American Legion veterans organization had been founded with headquarters in Fargo. Quick to respond was Williston veteran and community leader, Lt. Col. Joseph W. “Bud” Jackson, who fired off a letter to Julius R. Baker, Legion state chairman, requesting the necessary papers and authority to organize a post at Williston.

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